Confidential and No Cost Pregnancy Resource Center in Hermiston

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No Cost and Confidential Services

Pregnancy Tests

If you have had unprotected sex and think you might be pregnant, we are your best first step. TruCare can provide you with a pregnancy test at no cost to you. A pregnancy test detects the hormone known as hCG, which is found in the urine of women who are pregnant. One of our compassionate staff members will instruct you about the test and discuss your results with you immediately following the test.

Options Counseling

If you are having mixed emotions regarding your pregnancy, we are your best first step when it comes to making a choice. Our caring, knowledgeable staff offer non-judgmental support by listening to you and discussing your options with you. They will provide you with the resources you need to make an informed decision. As a next step, they can also refer you to a pregnancy medical center that provides ultrasounds at no cost to you! An ultrasound can help determine if you are at risk for a miscarriage, making an abortion unnecessary. We truly care about your health and happiness!


We want to connect you with the right organizations that can meet your needs That’s why we offer referrals to many services or resources we cannot provide such as prenatal care, housing, and other social services.

Parenting Classes

TruCare offers parenting education and support for women and men who are facing an unexpected pregnancy. You will be supported through your pregnancy and gain confidence as a parent through DVD-based lessons followed by a one-on-one discussion with our trained staff. Topics include Pregnancy and Labor, infant care, parenting toddlers, and bible studies for spiritual growth. As you attend, you earn “Boutique Bucks” that you can spend in our” Boutique” to purchase diapers and wipes and new or gently used items such as clothing, blankets, a crib, car seat, or stroller.

After Abortion Healing

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